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Whole Body Benefits

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Our results show prove that whole-body cryotherapy is a beneficial method which allows subjects who underwent kinesiotherapy or other physical exercise to decrease oxidative stress and keep the prooxidant-antioxidant balance at a safe level […]

Cryo Slimming

Cryo Slimming

Most women have cellulite, which, for the most part, cannot be eliminated through diet and exercise. Enter the T-Shock, which reduces fatty deposits by using thermal shock to constrict the blood vessels in a localized area.  […]

Cryo Lift

Cryo Toning/Lift Facials

The dreaded skin sag from aging can be reversed with the T-Shock. The shock of alternating between cold and hot therapies triggers deep layers of collagen back into production. The plumpness and firmness is NOT achievable with other non-invasive techniques. […]